If the color of your photos looks different than normal, E.g., Pink or Black photos, check the following: 

  • Verify the battery level. If the battery health is insufficient, the camera may lack the necessary output to power the LEDs when it’s dark. Check this article to know more about battery drainage: Why is my battery life so short?
  • Install the camera in front of a wall, in a dark room, and trigger it. If the flash works and the night photo is clear, the problem was the installation. Check the installation of your camera in your target area. Make sure that there is something in the background, such as trees or bushes, that can reflect the light emitted by the camera’s LEDs.
  • Try a long format of your SD card. Check this article on How to format SD/MicroSD card
  • Perform a firmware update on your camera. Go to our Support Section and choose your own model to check for the instructions of the firmware update specific to your camera. 

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