Understanding the different features and specifications of the VOSKER cameras can help you choose the right camera at different locations on your property that will give you optimal photo quality. If you intend to set up the camera in a place where the objects are moving fast, choose a camera with a faster trigger speed to ensure the camera activates and captures the photo before the object moves out of the frame. Cameras that have a larger motion detection range are a better choice when you want to set up the camera over larger areas. 

Here are a few things that you can do to improve the quality of your photos: 

  1. Try to place the camera in a sufficiently elevated area. Make sure your camera is perfectly upright and facing North or South to avoid glare or overexposure as the sun rises or sets. 
  2. Place the camera about 30ft (10 meters) away from your target to have a good field of view. This will also ensure that the camera is out of your target’s reach. 
  3. Make sure to have something in the background to get a good reflection of the infrared light for low light conditions or night photos. 
  4. Check if there is anything obstructing the camera lens or if the lens is dirty. Make sure the field of view is clear from as much clutter as possible. Trees and plants can catch a lot of flashes and affect the overall photo quality. 

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