Vanlife Tips: How to Use a Security Camera to Protect your Home While Traveling on the Road

With the #vanlife all over social media, some may believe that travelling in a van is only something for the younger generation.

But older folks have been driving around and living their best life in vans and Westfalias for quite some time! As a lot of retired individuals and couples enjoy discovering new places in their free time, leaving their homes behind is not always easy. Whenever you hit the road in your van, you want to make sure that your house and piece of property stay safe while you’re away. We believe that one of the best ways to do so is by having outdoor security cameras in place.

vosker security home camera

Not your typical camera

You know we’ve been using the Vosker products for a couple of years now, so you can trust us when we tell you that the V150 is top quality! This off-grid security camera has all the features you need to keep an eye on your house while being on the road.

A pretty cool feature is that this security camera doesn’t need any wifi. You’re road-tripping down south for more than 6 months and decide to cancel your internet subscription while you’re away? No problem, this LTE-based cellular security device has got you covered. Install it at the far end of your long driveway or in the forest behind your home and this LTE security camera will keep running so you can have peace of mind wherever you are.

vosker 150

Solar panels are another feature we love most. While you’re off Florida for the winter or driving across Canada under the summer sun, there’s no way for you to manually recharge or change some battery. Fortunately, this solar-powered security camera, combined with a long-lasting 10 000 mAh lithium battery, can leverage solar power to sustain the battery charge so you can always have access to the security footage. By having a rechargeable battery, the camera becomes wireless, which makes it super easy to install wherever you need it on your property.

sprinter van in the forest

Protecting your goods, at home or on the go

Maybe you’ve raised your whole family in this home or maybe it’s a new project of yours, but no matter the situation, you want to make sure that your investment and all your memories are safe and secure even if you’re not there.

Your house is a huge investment in the long run. The last thing you want is a bad luck to jeopardize the energy, time, and money you have put into building this life and project. To be able to leave your property stress free, simply choose the right angle while installing your Vosker camera and pair it with the Vosker mobile app on your phone to get images on the go.

After that, you can leave with peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens on your property, you’ll be informed with a direct notification. It’s extremely convenient on van trips, but it could be just as useful for remotely monitoring a cottage, a woodlot, or a large piece of land in the country while you are at home!

phone notification vosker camera

Another great idea is to have a second camera with you in your van while you’re on the road. By installing a Vosker camera on your dashboard, it can act as a deterrent to anyone who might have bad intentions. You can also leave your van for the day knowing that you’ll get an instant notification if there’s movement inside. Finally, this window placement is very useful as there’s enough light to charge your camera with the solar panels.

security camera sprinter van dashboard

How to use Vosker cameras

This off-grid security system with Vosker cameras is pretty simple to set up. The first step is to find the right angle you want to be able to see when you’re away. Once you’ve decided on the right spot for your camera, you simply need to install it on the adjustable mounting arm and turn it on.

The next thing you need to do is install the Vosker app on your phone or tablet. The app lets you connect and control your camera remotely and sends you custom notifications whenever the automatic motion detection feature of the camera catches something on your property.

The solar-powered security camera comes with a preactivated SIM card and a Micro SD card for local backups. The SIM card automatically links the camera to LTE and the only thing left for you to do is to choose one of Vosker’s affordable data plans.

men installing vosker security camera

Once the setup is complete, there are 2 ways to use your brand new camera: with the motion-activated photo surveillance feature we mentioned before, and with time-lapse mode. This second feature lets you set a timeframe between each picture so you get an evolution of what’s happening almost in real-time.

For example, you could tell the V150 to take a new picture of your property every 15 minutes. You would then get these images on your app and would be able to follow activities on your land throughout the day! We tried this cool feature while we were on the road and building our own house at the same time and loved being able to follow the evolution, even far away.

To sum up, here are the main steps to follow:

  1. Fully charge the supplied battery pack
  2. Install the Vosker app on your phone or tablet
  3. Insert Micro SD card in your Vosker camera
  4. Activate your new camera on the app
  5. Set up your off-grid camera on your property
  6. Adjust the settings and camera mode
  7. Get personalized updates on your phone

We love having good and useful technology and that’s why we use the Vosker 150 on a daily basis. If you’re planning to spend the colder months under the palm trees in Florida or crossing America in your van, we totally recommend having this security camera. You can leave knowing that your home is safe and that you’ll be able to keep an eye on your property no matter where you are.





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