The results of our 2022 #CaughtOnVosker winner!

While Vosker outdoor surveillance cameras are often purchased for security, they can capture some entertaining stories! From wildlife to landscapes, time-lapsed construction projects, attempted burglaries, and more.

In August, we hosted our 2022 #CaughtOnVosker contest. We asked our clients to share a photo or video of the best story they’ve caught on their Vosker cameras. The top 3 contestants received 1 free year of our Elite Plan—valued at $240.

Our team narrowed it down to 3 contestants and our Facebook community voted on their favourite. In addition to the free year of service, the community favourite won a free camera accessory.

Here’s a look at the 3 winners and the video and details of our interview with the Facebook community winner!


Winner #1 and Facebook Community Winner Raúl

Raúl was our #CaughtOnVosker Facebook community winner! He submitted a 45-second time-lapse video of his blank-slate home build in Regina, Saskatchewan. It is a stunning portrayal of an empty lot being cleared, foundation laid, frame built, and the progress over the 19-month build.

Here’s a bit more of what we learned after a short interview:

Raúl found his Vosker camera online by performing a simple Google search for “best outside cameras”. His sole intention was to utilize the camera to create a time-lapse video of his ground-up build.

He had the construction crew mount his Vosker camera to a perfectly positioned city light post across the street. The build began in February 2021. As you can see in his winning video, the camera withstood snow, ice, and -40 Celsius temperatures. It also stayed put in winds up to 100 kilometres per hour.

At the end of each month, Raúl selected approximately 40 photographs and dedicated 1 hour to editing the images. The majority of the cropping and editing entailed removing construction skips and excess building materials.

His beautiful home is almost complete. He’s just waiting until spring to have the front yard landscaping finished. Once Raúl is done filming the completed time-lapse video, he’ll use the extra camera for outdoor surveillance.

Raúl’s final thoughts—“For me, it was an entertaining project during COVID time!”


Winner #2 Mike

Our second winner, Mike, has a driveway with an intersection. Like many of our clients, sometimes the motion being captured isn’t an unwanted intruder, but local wildlife! He has captured multiple screenshots and submitted the one above of a deer and a skunk crossing paths at his driveway intersection.

Mike just has one question—“Was the deer telling the skunk to go first?”


Winner #3 William
Our third winner, William, shared a screenshot of an attempted burglary! An automated motion notification was sent to his phone. When he checked his cameras, he saw that a truck was backed up to his jet skis in a remote garage. He called the police, and they arrived before the burglars had time to hitch his jet skis up to their truck.

This is a shining example of the peace of mind and monetary value our outdoor surveillance cameras provide!


Have a Vosker Story to Share?

We hope you enjoyed our 2022 #CaughtOnVosker contest as much as we did! While the contest is over, we always enjoy about hearing the positive impact our cameras make.

Feel free to submit your stories here!



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