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Essential steps to get started with your new V150 Mobile Security Camera

User Manual & Troubleshooting


Latest release:December 30, 2020

Installation instructions for PC :

  1. Format the SD card (Format : FAT32. Tutorial
  2. Download the update file here
  3. Open the downloaded .zip file by double-clicking on it.
  4. Extract the files from the .zip file.
  5. Copy the extracted files into the SD card.
    It is important to copy the files AND NOT the folder:
    Good “SD Card: \ Files”
    Not Good “SD Card: \ VXXX_V1.0x.0x \ Files”
  6. Make sure the camera is turned OFF.
  7. Insert the SD card into the camera.
  8. Turn the camera on.
  9. Wait until the LED status light completely turns OFF.

Installation instructions for MAC :

  1. Format the SD card (Format : MS-DOT(FAT). Tutorial
  2. Download the update file here
  3. Double-click on the .zip file.
  4. Copy the extrated files onto the SD card.
    It is important to copy the files AND NOT the folder:
    Good “SD Card: \ Files”
    Not Good “SD Card: \ VXXX_V1.0x.0x \ Files”
  5. Click to open the file : MacOS_PrepareSDCard.command.
  6. Eject the SD card from the computer.
  7. Make sure the camera is turned OFF.
  8. Insert the SD card in the camera.
  9. Turn the camera on.
  10. Wait until the LED status light completely turns OFF .

You can reset your camera in two ways.
First via the app:

  1. navigate the settings menu within the app
  2. Click on reset settings

Note (settings are applied the next time your camera syncs with the app which depending on your current sync settings may take some time untill the changes are applied)

The second way is by downloading a reset file

  1. Download the reset file here
  2. Put the file on the SD card
  3. Once the file has been copied, put the SD card back into the V150 and turn it on.
  4. Wait about 5 minutes for the camera to update.
  5. Your camera is now up to date


if you want to continue receiving your pictures over-the-air via the 4G-LTE network, leave the Cellular setting “ON”

Switch setting to “Off” if you prefer to only have your pictures on the memory card and not sent to the app over the cellular network.

(Important: if you switch your celllular setting to Off and decide to turn it back ON, your camera will have to wait untill the next time it sync with the server to apply the new settings.)

This feature was designed to preserve battery power. When it is not possible for the camera to successfully complete a synchronization, the frequency attempts are reduced until a synchronization can be completed.

When does the camera activate survival mode?

To activate the survival mode, the camera must fail 4 consecutive synchronizations (the exact amount may be subject to change). The camera will therefore only synchronize at its usual synchronization time.

How does the camera disable survival mode?

In order to disable survival mode, the camera must successfully synchronize to the VOSKER CLOUD.


For the first 15 minutes after activating the survival mode, the camera will still try to synchronize to the VOSKER CLOUD. If one of the synchronizations is successful during this period, the camera will immediately deactivate this mode. 

The first synchronization, the very first one after the camera is turned on (no photos are sent) does not count as a success, but it can count as a failure.


The V150 comes with a 16GB SD card.

The formats of SD cards compatible with our cameras are from 2GB up to 32GB (SD/SDHC, class 10).

We provide a free 16GB SD card with the purchase of the V150 camera. When the SD card is at full capacity, the camera automatically erases the first photo / video taken on the SD card and replaces it with the last photo / video take. BE CAREFUL, your photos are never lost. Those erased on the SD card remain available in the VOSKER application onto the cloud system.


You need 1 plan per camera.

No, you don’t need to reach out to a cellular provider. Your camera includes a pre-activated SIM card. You only need to activate your camera with the VOSKER app.

Your camera can’t transfer pictures using a different SIM card. You can’t buy or match a plan from a different business than VOSKER.


After your trial period is over, you’ll need to purchase a paid plan in order to keep receiving photos to your app. Photos will still be saved to the micro SD card on your device.


The V150 model does not offer a video mode. Only photos can be saved to the memory card and sent to your account.

There is no limit on how many people you can share your pictures with:
the person has to install the app on his own smart phone and use your e-mail and password to log in.

You will have to reach the ”Account” tab at the bottom left corner of your VOSKER app. You will have to choose the right plan for your needs and click on the ”Buy” button.

The camera will continue to transfer the status but will no longer transfer photos. The photos counter will reset the first of each month. You can increase your photos limit by upgrading your plan.


Make sure there is nothing obstructing the lens of the camera or that it’s not dirty. We recommend placing the camera out of reach, in a sufficently elevated area, and at about 30ft (10 meters) away from your target to have a good field of view. Make sure to have something in background to get a good reflection of the infrared light for low light conditions or night photos.

The photos that your camera is sending have been compressed to facilitate the transfer. You will find the best photo quality directly on the SD card inside your camera. You can also get HD versions of your most valuable photos upon request through the VOSKER App or the VOSKER web App*. Each plan has a limit of HD photos to download per month.

On the right top corner of each of your pictures you will find an HD icon. Click and your picture will start uploading. *except for the FREE plan


The V150 model comes with a Lithium battery pack (included in the box) that works well in hot and cold weather. The V150 also has a built in solar panel as an alternate power source. To maximise battery life, make sure to place the camera in an area that gets a good amount of sun light during the day (enough to cover at least 50% of the solar panel).

Users are now able to get HD versions of their most valuable photos upon request through the VOSKER App or the VOSKER web App*. Each plan has a limit of HD photos to download per month.
*except for the FREE plan

On the right top corner of each of your pictures you will find an HD icon. Click and your picture will start uploading.

View of the Mobile App:

It is possible to control the camera remotely from the Vosker Mobile App or Web application . You can:

  • Change the camera settings. The changes will apply the next time the camera sends pictures.
  • Checking the camera’s operating time

Please note that resetting the V200 is done manually, directly via the camera screen. For the V100 and V150, you have to put a formatting file on the SD card (see reset procedure).

VOSKER SENSE is a tool that uses artificial intelligence, and enables you to easily differentiate a human or a vehicle in a photo. If you have enabled VOSKER SENSE, this option will separate your photos into three tabs on the application’s PHOTOS page.

Technical specifications


The motion sensors pick up motion up to 90ft feet or 27.5 meters, and within a 42-degree angle.


This feature is not available yet but will be coming soon.


Our cameras are functional from -40°C to 50°C.



  1. Remove the battery pack, connect the camera directly to a power source via the provided microUSB cable and try turning it on.
  2. If the issue persists double check your power source and if you are using a third party microUSB cable, make sure it is meant for charging and not data transfer.
  3. Also try charging the battery pack seperately for 12-24 hrs and note if the light on the pack comes on as it charges. if there are no lights then the pack may be defective or damaged, however if the status light on the pack is green then it is fully chargd and can be re-inserted into the camera. Try turning on the camera and if still not working, contact us.

Camera power


  • Infrared LEDs consume a lot of energy. The camera consume less power during day time photos. A high volume of photo transmissions could also impact your battery life. Make sure to optimise your transfer setting for your needs, in the Vosker app.
  • Make sure the solar panel is clear of any obstructions. The cellualr signal strength can aso affect battery life, so if possible move the canera to a location with better signal strength


Make sure the battery has been charged for 12 to 24 hours before use. Also to maximise battery life, make sure to take advantage of the solar panel by placing the camera in a location that gets enough sunlight to cover 50% of the panel.


Your V150 will enter a deep sleep mode and stop taking and transmitting photos when the batteries are lower than 25%. However when placed in an area with enough sunlight, the solar panels will recharge the battery pack and once the battery is above 25% the camera will resume it’s function with no changes to your settings.

Note if you have quick access to your camera, you can always remove the battery pack and charge it externally with the provided cable if you want a faster recharge.


  • VOSKER rechargeable Lithium battery pack (included), #V-LIT-B2
    microUSB cable
  • Solar Panel to keep the battery pack charged


When turning on your V150, the camera will search for a signal and the “status light” will flash green.

It will continuously flash and will appear in one of the following three colors:

  • Red: no signal;
  • Orange: fair signal;
  • Green: good signal.

If you have no signal, move outside or get near a window and restart the camera a few times if need be to get all the information from the cell

When the light found on the top right of the camera is flashing red “Delay light”, it is a 30-second countdown before the photo mode is activated.

When all the lights on the camera turn off, the camera is ready to use. The camera has now updated its status in the VOSKER app with its latest information. The camera is now ready to take pictures and transmit them to your VOSKER app.


The following are compatible with your V150 Camera:

  • The security box, V-SBOX2,
  • The 10000 mAh lithium battery pack V-LIT-B2




VOSKER SENSE is an A.I solution powered by VOSKER, trained to recognize and analyse your security cameras photos. With its cutting edge technology VOSKER SENSE enable your camera to distinguish if a human or a car is intruding your perimeter.

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