VOSKER Security Plans Upgrade: Unlimited alerts and more!

We’re excited to share with you our new revamped VOSKER Security Plans. You’ll now automatically get upgrades for most security plans, for the same price. These updates, which went into effect on April 9, are designed to provide you with even better security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What do these enhancements mean for you?

Let’s examine the significant advantages of these revitalized plans, offering you an improved experience:

  1. You get more value with increased photo alert allocations in every plan – BASIC, ALERTED, and ELITE.
  2. ELITE subscribers receive unlimited photo alerts, ensuring you never miss activity near your cameras for improved security.
  3. If you’re on the ELITE plans, you now have 60 days of history storage to review past incidents in detail. For BASIC plans, it’s now 7-day history and for ALERTED plans, it’s 15-day history.
  4. Best of all, these upgrades come at no additional cost, delivering superior service and value without increasing your current subscription price.
  5. Your experience is streamlined. We’ve cut Video and Alert add-ons and combined all features into each plan, so you no longer need to select and pay for extras separately.

In essence, you get more capabilities and functionality seamlessly integrated into the new security plan structure without added complexities or costs. This allows you to monitor your properties more effectively while focusing on your business, as we ensure top-notch security and service.


Changes by camera models:

V300 ULTIMATE / V300:

  • Our BASIC plan nets you 500 alerts and 7-day history.
  • Our ALERTED plan has been upgraded to 1,000 alerts and 15-day history, delivering a superior level of security and peace of mind.
  • For those seeking ultimate protection, our ELITE plan offers unlimited alerts and a 60-day history on these models. Stay constantly informed of any suspicious activity – a major advantage against threats.


  • Our BASIC plan provides 500 alerts and 7-day history.
  • Our ALERTED plan offers 1,000 alerts and 15-day history.
  • Our ELITE plan includes unlimited alerts along with 60-day history.

Never miss an event again with Unlimited Alerts on Elite Plans

The VOSKER security camera detects movement, allowing you to effectively monitor your properties remotely in real-time on your mobile device. You can trust VOSKER App to promptly notify you of any suspicious activity or potential breach, enabling you to take immediate action with confidence.

No additional cost for upgraded data plans!

Please be assured that the changes in our data plan offerings will improve upon our current offerings, with no incremental cost.

If your current plan is not mentioned in this article, it is because it will not be affected by this overhaul. You can continue to benefit from our services as before.

Any more questions?

Please take a look at our in-depth  to find out how these changes can affect you and your cameras. Our team of experts are always there for you through our 24/7 chat support service.



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