SECURITY ANYWHERE with the Vosker V200 LTE Security Camera [SOLAR POWER]


With the Vosker V200 LTE Security Camera, there’s almost no place that is out of reach for monitoring a job site, home, or any worthy asset. No WiFi is needed with the onboard LTE connectivity.

In addition, the solar panel keeps the camera performing at all times. Additional 8x AA batteries can be added for additional backup to the on-board rechargeable battery. The Vosker V200 operates seamlessly with the Vosker App for iOS and Android, integrating with your smartphone of choice. Receive real-time or periodic notifications on your phone.

The Vosker App will deliver low-res image thumbnails, while the onboard SD card includes the high-res images and video. Even when selecting video, the camera will still take a snapshot first, so that you can be notified with an image. Choose between motion detection, time-lapse, and even video. or choose a hybrid. Night time is no problem either with the night vision and infrared lights. The Vosker V200 security camera has an IP65 certified weather-resistant design protecting the internals from the elements. You can purchase the Vosker V200 for just $419 right now and this includes a 2-year warranty.

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