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Preserving Biodiversity with VOSKER: The Institut des territoires at the Forefront

In the heart of the majestic forests of the Laurentides in Quebec, we meet today André Goulet, a forest engineer and co-founder of the Institut des territoires, a philanthropic organization committed to preserving biodiversity and addressing major environmental challenges. In this article, we will explore the exciting challenges of the Institute, its innovative strategy to overcome them with VOSKER cameras, and the positive impact of these monitoring devices on their activities.



Since its foundation in 2016, the Institut des territoires has been working to develop the ecological, social, cultural, human, built, political, and financial capital of territories. By bridging the gap between sustainable development consulting services for communities and the establishment of multifunctional protected areas, this philanthropic organization plays a major role in preserving biodiversity and combating climate emergencies in the Laurentides.



Protecting natural areas in remote locations presents some challenges, and the Institut des territoires has found an innovative solution to successfully manage these monitoring tasks with the use of VOSKER cameras:

  1. Monitoring the growth and integrity of replanted trees: in the protected areas it manages, the Institute uses VOSKER cameras to closely monitor the growth and integrity of replanted tree seedlings and ensure their harmonious development.
  2. Wildlife monitoring: The VOSKER cameras allow the Institute to monitor in detail the wildlife that reside in the protected areas, contributing to a better understanding and conservation of the ecosystems.
  3. Public awareness: Images captured by VOSKER cameras are leveraged on social media to provide information about life in protected areas and raise public awareness of the Institute’s mission.
  4. Prevention of human damage: thanks to the VOSKER cameras, the Institut des territoires manages to prevent damage in the protected area caused by human activities, especially off-road vehicles.
  5. Testing and collaboration: in addition to the primary use, the institute plans to test VOSKER cameras in other protected areas and explore partnerships with conservation organizations with potential areas for protected areas.



The Institut des territoires’ choice of VOSKER cameras is based on strategic reasons:

  • Products made in Quebec: As a regional organization, the Institute supports the regional economy by focusing on local products.
  • Energy self-sufficiency: VOSKER cameras run on solar energy, eliminating the need to rely on electricity, which is critical in remote protected areas.
  • Data transmission: VOSKER cameras use cellular networks for data transmission, providing a practical solution in areas with limited Wi-Fi access.



The use of VOSKER cameras has several advantages that enable a conservation organization like the Institut des territoires to achieve multiple objectives:

  • No vandalism: combined with display measures, the use of VOSKER cameras has prevented any acts of vandalism in the protected areas.
  • Effective communication: images captured by the cameras were successfully used in social media and helped raise public awareness about conservation.
  • Support for funding requests: The videos and data captured by the cameras support the Institute’s funding requests and demonstrate the effectiveness of their initiatives.


With the guidance of an experienced, multi-disciplinary team, the Territory Institute deploys innovative solutions to document, protect and promote the preservation of high-value conservation areas. VOSKER cameras remain at the heart of their monitoring and control strategy to preserve and develop biodiversity, paving the way for a more sustainable future for generations to come

Learn more about the Institut des territoires and its conservation projects on their Facebook page: Join us in this wonderful adventure to protect nature by supporting the Institut and following their achievements on social networks. Together, we’re taking action to preserve our environment.




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