New V150 – test and review by a professional

Jason Simms is the owner of Simply Controlled. As a Technology Distributor he is providing dealers and businesses with smart products that keep life simple. Established in Canada for 10 years they specialize in security, automation electronics and technologies.n

Before I opened the box for the new Vosker 150 LTE security camera, I already had high expectations.  I have used their other camera models so I have a good sense of the durability and functionality that comes with a Vosker product. Like the previous units, the V150 is an LTE-based cellular camera and is 100% wireless and portable. With this new model, VOSKER improve the battery life with a 10 000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

One of the first things I noticed about the V150 is that it is incredibly easy to configure and set up.  Nearly anyone can do it!  In 10 minutes or less you can have the unit unpacked, charging with the app loaded, and ready to go.  It’s recommended that you charge the newly enhanced Lithium battery for 12 to 24 hours.  This is especially important if the final installation location is not in direct sunlight. The lithium batterypaired with the solar panel delivery an incredible battery life.

For the initial testing, I placed the camera around the exterior of my home to catch images from the back pathway and front driveway.  It picked up more people and activity than I was aware of on my quiet cul de sac, especially early morning prowlers!  Playing with the sensitivity and the AI functions on alerts for humans, vehicles, and both together simultaneously proved very effective with no false alarms.  The new V150 is smaller than the powerful V200 and is very stealth!  I placed the camera in positions where it could be seen and it was never noticed.  The new infrared cluster is much less intrusive and noticeable in dark environments.  The optional metal security box can be simply secured providing certainty that you will receive an image alert before the camera can be moved or dismantled. 



One feature that I was very impressed with is the signal strength indicator.  This feature saved me time and ensured the best set-up location; I tested it by taking the unit to a remote ranch with very spotty cell service just outside of Calgary.  The indicator is easy to see and takes the guesswork out of choosing an installation location.  You know the signal strength is adequate before you permanently mount it. 

Vosker has put a great deal of thought and consideration into the details.  For example, there is a small label in the indicator hatch that confirms the meaning of each of the light colours so you don’t need to look through the manual.  Also, located on the bottom of the camera, the main power switch is accessible through a secure hatch where the microSD card is located along with the signal indicator. 

The app creates a seamless surveillance experience and alerts are sent and received almost instantly.  For security professionals and other tech savvy users, the app makes it easy to deploy effective real-time notifications for activities like the presence of people or vehicles in the field of view.  You can choose to be notified of new images via smartphone or email notification.  You have three image viewing options:

  • 16 gb local microSD card that provides the highest resolution for the images,
  • Delivery to your smart phone, and
  • Viewing via web browser.

Finally, I was impressed by the variety of different applications and locations that the camera is well suited for.  Commercial, residential, rural, or large outdoor worksites can all benefit from this product.  It is extremely well built and will stand up to changing weather conditions.


I tested the unit during a Polar Vortex in -40 C weather and there were no issues with battery charging or transmission speed.

After using this product, I can confidently give it a rave review and will definitely be recommending it to all Simply Controlled customers and dealers.  Jason Simms Simply Controlled



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