Try to power the camera with brand-new lithium/alkaline AA batteries, a lithium battery pack (if applicable), a 12V external battery, or any 12V power source to find out if the problem is caused by a weak power source. 

Battery Packs 

If you are using a VOSKER battery pack, we suggest that you charge the battery pack for a minimum of 12 hours. Check if the light on the pack turns on as it charges. The light should turn green when the battery pack is fully charged. You can now reinsert the pack into the camera and try turning it on. If your camera is still not turning on, remove the battery pack, connect the camera directly to a power source via the provided USB cable and try turning it on.
If the issue persists double-check your power source and if you are using a third-party USB cable, make sure it is meant for charging and not data transfer. 

Internal Battery 

For cameras that have an internal battery, like V200, make sure you have charged the internal battery for 24-48 hours using the supplied power cord. We recommend charging the internal battery by connecting it to a computer but if you have a compatible wall plug that would work as well. 

AA Batteries 

Since all AA batteries are not created equal, we recommend using new non-rechargeable premium AA batteries that are either lithium or alkaline. Off-brand batteries may provide unreliable voltage or inconsistent charge which can affect camera function. VOSKER cameras require at least 7V to work properly, so we strongly recommend testing your batteries (even new ones) with a multimeter before use. When using new AA batteries, make sure they are 1.5V or higher.  Make sure you are not using any rechargeable batteries (AA) as they can only supply 1.2V. 

If you have new AA batteries, and the camera is still not turning on, one of the batteries may be upside down. Double-check to see if the polarity is correct. 

Note :

*If there are no lights when you charge the battery pack, then the battery pack may be defective or damaged.
*While charging cameras that have a solar panel, make sure the solar panel is covered, or the camera is laid face down while charging.
* Make sure that the battery contacts are touching properly (top right and left). If not, gently pry the metal plate to restore good contact. 

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