Interview with Engineer and Farm Owner – Lisa Peterson

Interview with Engineer and Farm Owner – Lisa Peterson

Looking for a cellular security camera system with remote viewing for your farm or livestock? VOSKER strategically designed our products to address the unique surveillance challenges of rural areas, including farms and ranches. This goes beyond the need for continuous connectivity, to providing solutions that positively impact safety, quality, and daily operations.

This blog details our recent interview with VOSKER client, farm owner, and electrical/environmental engineer, Lisa Peterson.

Who is Lisa Peterson?
Lisa Peterson and her family own 2 farms, 170 acres in southeast Pennsylvania and 45 acres 800 miles away in Michigan. The farms are a family affair, and they have a reliable and trustworthy team.

In addition to her farms, Lisa has a PhD in engineering and owns the engineering consulting firm Aftan Engineering. Aftan Engineering helps businesses deliver environmentally sound, economically profitable, and socially responsible solutions for their products, services, and operations.

Their consulting services span the range of:
• Product modeling and prototyping (3D printing)
• Continuous improvement of yield, cost and efficiency in manufacturing operations
• Life cycle assessment for estimating carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, human health impacts and various environmental impacts.
• ISO 14001, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) consulting

How Many Cameras Did Lisa Install?
Lisa chose the VOSKER V300 Ultimate as her go-to camera on her farms. While VOSKER offers less expensive options for motion-activated photo surveillance, recorded video footage was essential. With junk dumping and trespassing having happened in the past, she needed HD footage that she could download and provide as evidence.
Lisa strategically mapped out placement for the least visible areas of her farm. She placed 9 cameras at her Pennsylvania farm and 4 at her Michigan farm.

What Are Lisa’s Surveillance Challenges?
Lisa’s reasons for investing in a autonomous security camera system with remote viewing were like most farmers and ranchers. Even with an attentive team, it’s not possible to see everywhere on the property. Perimeter fences are easy to surpass, and with so many acres—many trespassers assume they won’t be seen.

The problems Lisa wanted to address fell into 4 categories:
1. Illegal junk dumping
2. Damaged crops by trespassers
3. Proactive legal/liability protection
4. Monitoring farm operations

Now, let’s dive into the measurable results for Lisa’s primary pain points.

#1 Illegal Junk Dumping Use Case
Like many farmers, Lisa’s farmland is subject to unauthorized junk dumping. Some businesses and community members have loaded up hydraulic truck trailers or even trunks of cars and dumped their garbage and junk on her farmland.
In addition to the unsightly mess and cost of safe removal and disposal, the junk often ruins the crops, and sometimes, contaminates the soil.
With her discreet cameras in place, Lisa has been able to catch this activity in the act! Since installing her cellular farm security cameras, she has successfully been able to identify the responsible party. Even when Lisa and her team are unable to respond in real time, they have video evidence.

#2 Trespasser damaging Crops
Trespasser-damaged crops are something all farmers must contend with. Over the years, Lisa has been subject to a variety of damages that have compromised or fully destroyed portions of crops. Although there’s no way to recover a damaged crop, her intention was to provide evidence that could generate compensation and deter future crop damage.
After installing her cellular security camera system with remote viewing, a 4-wheeler did donuts in Lisa’s fields a mere 2 weeks before harvest. A significant portion of her crops were trampled
and destroyed. Lisa checked her video footage and was able to identify a neighbor’s son as the 4-wheeler.
After evaluating the damage to the harvest, and calculating the monetary loss, Lisa presented her HD recording to her neighbor. Thankfully they were able to come to an amicable resolution.

#3 Proactive Legal Protection From Trespassers Use Case
Legal liability for trespasser’s physical injuries or property damage was a concern of Lisa’s. The trucks, heavy machinery, tools, and equipment on the farm can pose serious, potentially deadly, danger to trespassers.
Lisa’s new surveillance system provides peace of mind that if a trespasser injures themselves on her land, she’ll have legally binding evidence. Thankfully, there haven’t been any injuries since installing her farm security cameras.

#4 Monitoring Farm Operations Use Case
Keeping a 170-acre farm running at optimal efficiency requires a large team and lots of moving parts. So, Lisa was also looking for cameras that could help her and her team manage operations in real time. From finding where a team member is on the property to rapidly finding trucks, machines, tools, and equipment.
Lisa’s new autonomous security camera system with remote viewing allows her and her team to monitor movement on both properties. She can ensure trucks and machines are where they should be and can watch camera feeds to identify inefficiencies. They can also be used to find where on the farm an individual is if they can’t hear or if they aren’t answering their smartphone.

Why Lisa Chose VOSKER’s Cellular Farm Security Cameras?
As you may be doing now, Lisa weighed the pros and cons of the top farm security cameras on the market. There are many options to choose from, but not all met her needs.

VOSKER V300 Ultimate met Lisa’s top priorities:

1. Real-time live viewing—Lisa didn’t just want motion-activated capture, but live video footage. She also needed to be able to view the footage when she wasn’t on the farm. With a 90-degree ultra-wide angle view and a 100-foot viewing range, she can see what she needs to see, when she needs to see it.

2. Easy setup and installation—Lisa didn’t want to have to hire an electrician or technical expert for installation or setup. The cameras needed to be something she and her team could easily install and maintain.

3. Autonomous—Most areas of Lisa’s farmland don’t have Wi-Fi, so she needed a system that could be installed without cables or hardwiring. With 4G-LTE, a built-in battery pack, and an external solar panel she’s ensured continuous coverage for up to 12 months.

4. App monitoring—Lisa and her key team members needed a quick and easy way to monitor their different cameras. With the Vosker App, within seconds, they can view each camera in real time.

5. Cost-effective—In addition to the features mentioned above, VOSKER autonomous security cameras were more cost effective than other brands. Lisa was still able to access the right features and functions she required for her monitoring, but she was able to do it while maintaining low costs for plans and maintenance.

Any Unexpected Benefits or Use Cases?
In addition to the measurable security and operational benefits our farm security cameras provide, we always enjoy hearing the fun stories caught on camera.

While not designed specifically as game cameras, Lisa has captured several wildlife scenes that have made her smile. The ones she enjoys most can be downloaded to watch and share.

Helping the neighbors
Another unexpected surprise was helping a neighbor find their escaped horse. A neighbor reached out to see if Lisa and her team had seen their horse. Not only had it escaped, but the horse was old and would not fare well on its own in the wild. Lisa pulled up her camera feeds and was able to find the horse heading towards a nearby field. She called her neighbor, who was able to bring it back to safety without delay!

Lisa’s Final Thoughts on VOSKER
Lisa is pleased with her investment, and her final thoughts on installing an autonomous security camera system with remote viewing are as follows:

“The V300 Ultimate have really been working out great. They make a difference in the peace of mind, knowing that the cameras are there to monitor who is going in and out of the property. It makes it easier to locate my family members when they need to be found around the big property.”



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