Optimize Camera Battery Life in Winter

How To Optimize The Battery Life Of Your Camera In The Winter

We often think about heat when we consider new technologies, and more rarely about the cold. However, did you know that the technology in our devices, such as that in surveillance cameras, is sensitive to cold?

The harsh North American winters require our surveillance cameras to operate even at -20°C (-4°F). Understanding the effects of the cold on your equipment allows you to better protect it.

How to Limit the Effects of the Cold on Camera Batteries

lithium batteries in our V150 Camera

The cold has a slight impact on batteries. The 10,000 mAh lithium batteries in our VOSKER V300 and V150 cameras are no exception. Why? Because the cold acts directly on the chemistry of the batteries, and therefore on their lifespan.

However, there are ways to limit the impact of the cold on the lifespan of the batteries, particularly by limiting their use. Here is what you can do:

  • Keep your camera’s firmware up to date.
  • Install the camera in an area of interest to limit unwelcome triggering (movement of animals, tree branches, etc.).
  • Plan to use the camera only at the times when you need it (when no one is present on the premises).
  • Choose a location with at least 3 bars of mobile signal power.

All these elements allow you to limit the battery’s use and maintain a good lifespan.

Consequences of Weather Conditions on the 4G/LTE Network

Extreme cold is often synonymous with ice, snow, blizzards, and other phenomena that limit 4G connections.

Indeed, the humidity level in the air between the camera antenna and the 4G/LTE signal transmission and reception tower directly impacts communication quality.

This is why the V150 and V300 cameras do not continually send recordings to your mobile application, but rather when they detect motion. This allows them to operate at all times in remote locations while maximizing the battery life.

However, with the V300 camera, you can still decide to opt for the live-stream mode. You just have to request this option.

VOSKER cameras have been designed to be installed on construction sites, ranches, or vacation homes that may be located in the heart of the forest. Even surrounded by snow-covered trees, therefore, the communication system in the VOSKER V150 and V300 cameras is always operational.

How to Protect the Camera Electronics from the Cold

Protect the Camera from Cold

It all comes down to the location. To minimize the consequences of the cold on the electronics, choose to position your cameras in strategic locations:

  • Limit due-north orientations.
  • Choose a place sheltered from the wind.
  • Privilege sunny spots.

On one hand, you allow your camera not to go below -20°C (-4°F), and on the other hand, you maximize the capabilities of the solar panel to maintain the battery charge.

Consequently, the longer the camera is exposed to the sun, the longer it will be operational without having to recharge it from the grid.

However, be careful not to point the camera directly at the sun. Indeed, this could cause false detections.

The goal of the VOSKER V150 and V300 cameras is to operate autonomously in remote areas where other equipment of the same type is not able to go.

This is precisely what they are capable of doing, especially since they can be combined with our external solar charger, a sustainable solution for the winter months.

With your help, they will operate better and longer by following this advice.



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