Before installing your camera, we recommend that you test the coverage of the location you will be placing your camera. Consider using a VOSKER security box to protect your V300 security camera against theft and breakage. 

Here are some of the best practices for installing your VOSKER camera: 

  1. Place the camera about 3 feet above the ground or at the subject’s height. 
  2. Make sure your camera is perfectly upright, aiming parallel to the ground  
  3. Place the camera about 10ft to 100ft away from your target to have a good field of view.  
  4. Adjust the motion sensor sensitivity setting to “Medium” as a starting point. 
  5. The camera should be facing North or South to avoid glare or overexposure as the sun rises or sets. 

Note: Make sure to place the camera in an area that gets a good amount of sunlight during the day (enough to cover 50% of the solar panel). This will help maximize the battery life of your camera. 

For more information on how to install your VOSKER camera to get the best picture quality, read the article What Can I Do To Increase My Photo Quality?”.

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