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Before activating your camera: 

  • If you are using the rechargeable battery pack, V-LIT-B, it must be charged for 12-24* hours before use. *May vary depending on the type of charger and the battery level at the time of charging. Use the provided USB cable for charging. Once plugged in, the LED on the battery unit will turn red. You will know the charge is complete when the LED turns green. 
  • If you are using AAs, you must use non-rechargeable batteries and premium quality Lithium or Alkaline only. 
  • Download the VOSKER mobile app from Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS). This will allow you to control your VOSKER camera remotely. 
  • Open the latch of the camera and insert the provided MicroSD card into the card slot. Always ensure that the camera is OFF before inserting an SD card. 

Note: If you are using a Micro SD card of a different brand than VOSKER, please check this article on “SD/Micro SD card compatibility”. 

Activating your camera: 

  1. Open the VOSKER app and select “ACTIVATE NEW CAMERA” from the Welcome screen.  
  2. Select the model “V100” from the dropdown options and select “NEXT”. The app will then prompt you to scan the barcode. 
  3. Locate the barcode code inside the battery case door on the back of the camera. Select “SCAN” on your app to let your phone scan the barcode. 
  4. Your camera has now been registered. Select “DONE” 
  5. Enter your Email address and Password and select “LOGIN”. 
  6. Your camera has now been activated! You will receive a confirmation email. 

Turning your camera on: 

  1. When you turn the camera on, it will start searching for a signal. The 5 bars will blink blue. 
  2. Once the signal is stable, you should see between 2 to 5 steady blue bars, depending on coverage strength. 
  3. The front delay LED should start flashing red for about 30 seconds. 
  4. Once the red delay LED stops blinking, wait for all lights to go off, wait until the ‘Busy’ LED on the back of the unit (a faint light at the bottom) turns OFF for at least 10 consecutive seconds. 
  5. When the ‘Busy’ LED has been OFF for 10 seconds, wave your hand in front of the unit to get it to take a photo. You should then see the ‘Busy’ LED light-up again and stay steady during the cellular transfer, which means the camera is taking and transmitting photos. 
  6. Wait for the busy LED to turn OFF. Once off, at this stage, the photo should be available in your phone app/web app. 
  7. Navigate to the Status tab of your VOSKER app and check the “Last communication” to see if the camera has updated its status with the latest information. 
  8. You can then change the settings according to your preference. The new settings will take effect at the next transfer time. 

NoteThere may be a delay of 20-120 seconds for the camera to make the first communication or transfer the first photo/video to the app. 

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