Finally—Remote Location Security Cameras That Work Without Wi-Fi


The freedom and flexibility of having a vacation cottage to escape to when the need arises is a dream. With most cottages being in remote locations they come with a variety of security concerns. Remote locations also create a challenge when it comes to the placement and connectivity of cameras. This is why Vosker’s self-sufficient security cameras are the top choice for cottages, cabins, vacation homes, or any other property off the beaten path.

#1 Easy Installation

With Vosker there is no need for hardwiring. Setup and installation are DIY, even for those who aren’t particularly tech savvy. The cameras have built-in miniature solar panels. When it’s too overcast for solar power, they have a long-lasting lithium battery for backup power. The lithium battery alone provides months of battery life in low-motion areas.

Vosker’s cameras utilize 4G LTE cellular, so they work without Wi-Fi. If your cellphone works consistently in the area, your cameras will too. They connect to the cloud without the need for a third-party cellular provider. Simply manage and monitor your property in real-time through your smartphone app.

Being wireless with cellular connectivity, they can be installed anywhere on your property.

  • At the gate
  • Along your entrance
  • Facing the driveway
  • On your cottage
  • On the shed
  • On the garage
  • In trees
  • On outdoor adventures
  • And more!

#2 Zero Downtime

Vosker’s outdoor security cameras are durable and designed to withstand any weather conditions. From extreme heat and humidity to rain, hail, high winds, ice, snow, and sub-zero temperatures.

Since they connect to 4G LTE, they continue to work during power outages. This provides you with the peace of mind that you can monitor your property at any time.

In addition to pulling up your cameras any time you like on your smartphone app, you are sent alerts any time motion is detected. The cameras detect movement up to 90 feet away during the day. They also have infrared night vision with imaging up to 80 feet away.

In a cottage setting, it’s almost always wildlife, which is fun to watch! More importantly, you’ll be able to check to see if it’s a delivery, fallen tree, passing ATV, or an uninvited guest.

#3 Multi-Use

Another advantage of choosing wireless security cameras that work without Wi-Fi, is that you can use them in any remote location. You may purchase your first few for your cottage, but the applications are endless.

Install or reinstall them at your:

  • Ranch
  • Hobby farm
  • Lakehouse
  • Campsite
  • Parking Lot
  • Home
  • Construction site

You can also use your footage for marketing and creative purposes. For example, your primary objective may be to monitor a construction site after hours and on the weekend. Also, consider placing one camera front and center so that you can utilize the footage for a time-lapse before-and-after marketing video. Or to send to clients for visual project updates.

You can also utilize the time-lapse mode to monitor a bird’s nest or other wildlife. Or to capture picturesque views of the sunset and sunrise.

Vosker Is Your All-In-One Solution

If you require outdoor security cameras that work without Wi-Fi, Vosker has you covered! Their self-sufficient cameras are wire-free and portable. Installation is fast, easy, and DIY—no need to be tech savvy. They come with a SIM card, can be managed through an iOS or Android app, and have budget-friendly monthly data plans.

Reach out to Vosker today to learn more!




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