• Size: Micro SD card  
  • Speed: Class 10 
  • Capacity: Between 2 GB to 32 GB 
  • Format: SD/SDHC 

This camera includes a 16 GB Micro SD card.

V200 & 100 

  • Size: Standard SD card 
  • Speed: Class 10 
  • Capacity: Between 2 GB to 32 GB 
  • Format: SD/SDHC 

These cameras include an 8 GB Standard sized SD card.

For all our models: 

  • We recommend using the VOSKER SD/Micro SD card included with your camera. 
  • Formatting your card before use or reuse will prevent file corruption issues on your card. 
  • Having multiple SD/Micro SD cards will save you time allowing you to switch your card immediately if you encounter an issue. 
  • If you are using SD/Micro SD cards of a different brand than VOSKER, make sure the card is of premium quality (from a reputable brand). 
Incompatible SD/Micro SD cards

V150, V200 & V100 

  • Less than 2 GB or greater than 32 GB is NOT compatible with these models.  
  • A class speed lower than 10, E.g., Class 2, 4, or 6 is NOT supported. 
  • SDXC is NOT supported 
  • Using a Micro SD card with an adaptor in a product requiring a Standard SD card will cause problems for the camera. Please ensure you are using the correct size card for your camera E.g., V100 or V200 must be operated with a regular full-sized card and not with a Micro SD card on a Standard adaptor. 


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