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Outdoor Security Camera Without wifi

Can Outdoor Security Camera Work Without Internet?

Although most security cameras today are internet-connected, there are a few outdoor security cameras without wifi that doesn’t need an internet connection.

There are solutions, such as using a mobile LTE plan or just recording to a digital video recorder (DVR).

The truth is that you don’t need wifi to use security cameras like the Vosker V150, V200, and V300.

Does Wireless Security Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

Yes, there is an outdoor security camera without wifi that functions without internet. Internet access is not always necessary for wireless security cameras.

Instead, some security cameras allow for the local recording of their footage onto hard drives or micro-SD cards so that it can be watched later.

Even if this doesn’t connect it to the internet, and if this service is available, it can connect it to expert monitoring teams so that they may react when motion is detected while the camera is powered.

Types Of Cellular Cameras That Don’t Require wifi

Types Of Cellular Cameras That Don't Require wifi

Type of outdoor security camera without wifi listed below.

(1): IP

Given that it is significantly more expensive than standard property security cameras, an IP camera is often used in video surveillance.

(2): Analog

Coaxial cables are frequently used by analog cameras to send video from the camera to a DVR.

(3): HD-over-coax

The uncompressed video goes across a coaxial cable from cameras to recorders in HD over coax cameras. Although the video is in high resolution, very few cameras are coaxial cable compatible.

(4): CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are typically used by police forces and corporations for surveillance rather than for property security.
Guards see CCTV footage on many monitors rather than through an app, and it is stored on either a DVR or an NVR, or a network video recorder for digital systems.

Advantages Of Outdoor Security Camera Without wifi

● No cyberattacks:

There is less possibility of a digital data leak if something is not online, as we have already observed with Vosker cameras.

During power shortages:

The fact that wireless cameras often don’t rely on the electricity in your house means that they will function even during a blackout.

● No reduction in bandwidth:

LTE cameras won’t slow everything down on your internet by consuming precious data, unlike wifi-connected cameras.

Affordable fees:

Our cellular cameras demand monthly or yearly fees for cloud storage.
However, if there is no cloud storage, then your video will be kept on a local, physical device instead. Cloud storage is the right choice for you which provides you to view and download your videos anytime or in anyware.

Able To Get Remote Features

The major advantages of smart properties security, remote control, notifications, and live streaming, are not lost if you have a data plan.

How Can Outdoor Security Camera Without wifi Work?

Vosker cameras work Without wifi

By connecting to an NVR or onboard SD-card storage, wireless security cameras can function without a connection to the internet.
Both alternatives, however, are restricted to closed-circuit viewing, meaning that you cannot access the material remotely. A working internet connection is necessary for remote watching.

Next, let’s take a closer look at these options:

Network Video Recorders

NVRs, or network video recorders, are great tools for organizing records from a variety of wireless cameras.

The system allows LAN cables to be used to connect several wireless cameras. The live video is then connected to a monitor or TV for viewing. An NVR may be your best option for watching the footage if you don’t have internet access.

It builds a private network with the cameras on its own and controls it so that every security camera correctly transmits its data.
However, using an NVR without a network connection prevents you from remotely seeing the camera’s feed.
If you give the NVR a link to the router, the devices become reachable over the internet.

Internal SD card

We have integrated SD card storage in addition to NVRs. The majority of wireless security cameras have SD cards that can be used to temporarily record video when a network connection is unstable.
However, if the camera is actively recording, this storage is only suitable for short-term storage and will quickly fill up.

Typically, SD cards are turned on when a security camera is experiencing connectivity problems. In this manner, the wireless camera may function without an internet connection and never lose any video. Once more, this cannot be considered a permanent fix, and swapping SD cards is also not an option.

Final Words

Although wifi is a need for the majority of smart security cameras on the market today, you don’t need it to enjoy all the benefits of IoT security cameras.

There are a few solid solutions that can use data plans without wifi. However, it is even simpler to avoid wifi if you don’t want live streaming, remote control, or notifications.

Instead, you will only have a local camera security system with local storage, likely a hard disc or micro-SD card for recording footage.
● VOSKER Provides a range of outdoor security cameras without wifi. You can choose from V150, V200, and V300.
● VOSKER features a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery and built-in solar panel technology.
● This LTE-based cellular security equipment is perfect for photo surveillance in distant areas without access to electricity or a wifi network.



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