Building Dreams: Protecting DIY Cabin adventures with VOSKER

VOSKER ELITE member Denis, a seasoned builder with a keen eye and experienced hands, has brought houses to life since 1989. Each project was unique, a testament to his passion for creating not just structures, but homes with soul. His company, Dufour D. Construction, is well known on the Montreal real estate scene.

Sandra, his partner, shared his love for creating beautiful spaces. But where Denis excels with a hammer, Sandra wields a paintbrush, her artistic sense as an interior designer transforming rooms into sanctuaries of comfort and style.

A shared passion

Together, they form a perfect team, their love affair a testament to their shared passion.

So, it was no surprise that when it came time to build their dream getaway, they decided to tackle it together. They set their sights on Entrelacs, a charming village nestled in Quebec’s Laurentians, a place that promised tranquility and a connection with nature.

Trading city life for a dream cottage

Swapping suits for work boots, Denis and Sandra embarked on their exciting DIY cabin adventure. Weekends are filled with laughter and sawdust as their raw land slowly transforms into their own personal workshop. Every step of the process fuels their passion. Denis’s meticulousness is evident in the precise foundations, while Sandra’s keen eye for design ensures they use only the finest materials.

The result is a stunning cottage, a reflection of their personalities,slowly but surely rising against the backdrop of the Laurentian mountains. While they tackled most of the construction themselves, they wisely left the plumbing and electrical work to the professionals.

With their dream cottage nestled far from prying eyes, Denis and Sandra worry about its security.

Why was VOSKER the ideal choice for securing Denis and Sandra’s remote construction site?

The couple’s current job site is located in another part of town, far from their view. This distance makes them vulnerable to vandalism and theft of materials. Finding a suitable solution for their remote site proved difficult until they discovered VOSKER’s solar-powered cellular security cameras.

Choosing VOSKER: Easy Setup, Reliable Connectivity, and Valuable Features

After considering several options, VOSKER emerged as the ideal solution. The  V300 Ultimate and V150 models offer several key benefits:

  • Effortless installation: The wireless, solar-powered design ensures fast, trouble-free installation, saving valuable time on the project.
  • Unwavering connection: Strong LTE connectivity overcomes the challenge of limited Wi-Fi access at the remote site. This reliable connection ensures constant monitoring and peace of mind.
  • Making Memories with Progress: The V150’s time-lapse function allows Denis and Sandra to see their project come to life. A sequence of images, captured automatically at defined intervals, weaves a visual narrative of their vision, moving from dream to reality. As they watch the images unfold, the emotion of their first days on site is reborn.
  • Sleep Soundly, See Clearly: Even on Weekends or Away, Denis and Sandra Can Keep an Eye on the Site All Night Long. VOSKER Advanced Night Vision Technology Ensures Crystal-Clear Views, Deterring Intruders and Providing Peace of Mind.
  • Deterrence in action: Motion detection with instant alerts has already proved its worth. The couple received an alert when someone entered the property illegally, and thanks to the immediate action of calling the police, the suspect was intercepted.

VOSKER features offer the perfect combination of security and comfort. With 24/7 remote access via the user-friendly app, the couple can check on the site at any time, from anywhere. This constant virtual presence allows them to concentrate on construction progress without worrying about vandalism or theft.


VOSKER: A Partner You Can Trust

“We are 100% satisfied with VOSKER,” Denis said confidently. The cameras have deterred potential intrusions and protected their project, giving them peace of mind. So impressed is Denis that he plans to include VOSKER cameras in the security plans for his future construction sites, offering his customers the same level of protection he’s experiencing.


Join the VOSKER Family

Whether you’re building your dream home or simply looking for a reliable way to secure your remote property, VOSKER offers user-friendly and effective security solutions. Join countless satisfied customers and get the peace of mind you deserve.



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