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Building Dream Homes in Michigan: A Case Study of Chateau Homes

The vision that started it all

If you live in Michigan and are a fan of the gorgeous chateaus of France, a new residential home builder promises to give you that experience right here in America. Chateau Homes in West Michigan constructs both- spec as well as custom houses and wishes to bring a French-Canadian flavor of architecture to the local market: think large windows, tall peaks, and timeless masonry cladding.

While speaking with André Timmermans, Project Manager and part owner of the company, he mentions that his Canadian origin had a lot to do with this vision behind Chateau Homes. Bringing Canadian architectural styles to Michigan made sense as the latter is one of the coldest regions in the US. But for many clients, the climate was just one of the considerations. The primary reason was their long-held dream of having their own palatial abode, glamorous but customized to their wants and needs.

Finding support in VOSKER

VOSKER V150 - Best Jobsite Security cameraInstall VOSKER V150 with Weather-Resistant Feature











The responsibility of such projects was huge, and being in the construction business, the Chateau Homes team knew everything that could go wrong without supervision. André, on a hunt for reliable construction site security cameras, came across the V-150. The industrial appearance of the camera and weather durability convinced him to invest in them for his work sites. The outdoor security cameras served three purposes-

  1. Site Management – The project sites are located 25 minutes from the office.  It was very inefficient to drive to the site each day or be on site all the time. With VOSKER V-150, at any moment they could check in with their trades and confirm that they are on-site as promised.
  2. Security – Some of the building materials and tools were expensive and needed a level of surveillance.  Now, it has become possible to see when someone is on-site, and what they are doing, as well as look back in time if needed.
  3. Marketing – Content is always necessary for marketing. Progress photos and time-lapse videos are easily accessible via the VOSKER app.

Experience with the product

Evidently, work has been made easier with the VOSKER cameras. Andre also notes how easy to use the app is.

“I really like the app.  It’s simple to use, and allows you to see recent photos, check on the camera status, and change the function of the camera in real-time.”

Hearing from clients like Andre, who greatly benefit from the features we worked hard on, is gratifying. The weather durability of the cameras did not disappoint him. He says that even in the cold, the camera battery lasts at least 45 days in the field! Also,

“When we work on-site, we don’t have power or Wi-Fi so this unit helps us bridge that gap.”

With a lot of job site security cameras in the market, VOSKER has made its place owing to its strong build and long-lasting power- which are also hallmark qualities for good construction.  VOSKER hopes to help many more gorgeous homes come up in Michigan by providing top-class surveillance 24/7.

Check out their amazing previous work here-





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