Internationally recognized security giant VOSKER returned to ISC West again this year to showcase its innovative surveillance cameras that are capable of operating in the most remote areas. At ISC West in 2019 ISC, the company’s VOSKER V200 camera had won the Best New Product in the video surveillance-mobile solution category at the New Products & Solutions Awards. Since then, the company has achieved 582 percent growth, pushing boundaries in the field of intelligent video surveillance.

This exponential growth can be attributed to dedication of its 378 employees and its premium products. VOSKER cameras work on cellular connectivity, which eliminates the need for Wi-Fi. This allows for monitoring even the most remote areas where access to electricity or a Wi-Fi network is impossible.

The question then arises: How does the camera sustain itself with no power?

Keeping in mind the various challenges that a 24/7 monitoring system can undergo, the VOSKER V150 and VOSKER V200 cameras were made with a built-in solar panel and designed to save data and energy. This, along with a rechargeable battery pack, gives these products months of battery life. Further, the IP65 weather-resistant hardware lets the cameras withstand harsh weather conditions that quite often characterize the locations in which they are employed. The company is committed to not only making a product that provides day and night-time monitoring but can also be durable and autonomous.

Catching on to the development of IoT, VOSKER has upped its game by creating an app with Sense AI technology to go along with their cameras. VOKSER SENSE is an AI solution, trained to distinguish man from vehicle in security camera images, so you’re only alerted when it’s important. The app also allows you to access multiple cameras from one platform, so you get full visibility of every angle of your property. The company now plans to introduce a live-streaming feature to level up the efficiency of the monitoring.

According to Jimmy Angers, President & Chief Innovation Officer at VOSKER, “Currently, the market of autonomous security cameras works on expansive and bulky solutions. The cameras that are being used are not compact or user-friendly. Our solutions solve both of these issues with our V150 and V200 solar powered cameras. They allow for rapid deployment and are not only affordable but easy to install for security professionals.”

This ease has proven beneficial for the users and company both, as seen in the latter’s hypergrowth over the last two years.

So far, VOSKER has concentrated its activities in sectors where cameras are used for security or leisure purposes, for the surveillance of cottages, construction sites, farms, warehouses and marinas, to name a few. But the use cases are extensive because of how handy these cameras are. People have been using this Canadian company’s platform to monitor remote areas in 50 countries. When you consider the number of people behind each surveillance system, you can get an idea of the large-scale impact of their products. Each one of these individuals has been able to achieve peace of mind about their property due to the advancements of monitoring technology. Eventually, security is not just about keeping the best protectionary measures in place, but also about constantly relearning and innovating so that customers can sleep sound at night. In this regard, VOSKER has been able to continually reinvent itself with the increasing needs of intelligent surveillance and looks to continue the momentum with which they have been disrupting the industry.


Source: https://www.iscnews.com/vosker-featured-at-isc-west/



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