Before you begin, make sure to read the article on Resolution to Most Common Issues” first. If your issue persists even after performing the troubleshooting steps in that article, then the detection problem could be the result of bad installation. The best practices for installing your VOSKER cameras are as follows: 

  • Place the camera about 3 feet from the ground or at the subject’s height.
  • The camera should be installed between 25 and 35 feet from the targeted area, aiming parallel to the ground and making sure your sensor sensitivity covers your targeted area.
  • It is also best to aim the camera to the North to avoid backlighting and false detection. Backlighting will cause bad picture quality and if sun rays directly hit the optic lens, it can damage the sensor. The heat from sun rays can also cause false detection when hitting the motion sensor. 

Once you have installed the camera properly, restart the camera and wait for the camera to be ready to take a picture/video. To make sure the camera is detecting correctly, wave your hand in front of the camera to check if the light on the front blinks. The light should blink every time the camera is triggered. Wait for a few minutes and refresh your VOSKER app to see if you have received a new picture. Make sure that the operating schedule you programmed is correct (if applicable).  

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