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How to Install a Cellular Security Camera In 5 steps

The installation of cameras is crucial for the security of remote areas. It can be challenging to learn how to install cellular security cameras. However, most security camera systems come with detailed instructions that will assist you in setting up and operating your setup.

It’s important to be aware of your options when selecting a remote area video security system before we get into our installation guide. The market offers a wide range of cellular security camera installation guides.

For example, do you favour wired or wireless cameras? If you choose wired, you will have to put in extra effort to drill holes, install cables, and find a dependable power outlet for connection. If you choose wireless, keep in mind that the batteries that power your cameras may occasionally need to be charged or changed, and it is also limited to the wi-fi range.

A CCTV camera system installation can be costly. Don’t worry; all you have to do is follow these easy instructions to complete the installation.

1. Choose the right cellular security camera:

Choose The Right Cellular Camera - Vosker

What are you trying to defend? This is the most crucial question. Be clear on the protection you value most and the level of technical performance you’ll require.

Luckily, there are cellular security cameras available. They work without wi-fi or electricity. And they use 4G-LTE mobile connections only.

  • A Solar Panel is included with Vosker security cameras to keep batteries charged.
  • An accurate detecting zone is guaranteed by the wide-angle motion sensor.
  • They operate throughout North America, Europe, and Asia using the FASTEST and most RELIABLE mobile networks.

Choose the right camera as per your requirements. Let’s take a look at different cameras with their specifications.

V150 – Best Autonomy

The V150 is a 100% wire-free mobile security camera with a 10,000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery and solar panel technology from VOSKER.

This LTE-based cellular security equipment is perfect for photo surveillance in remote areas without access to electricity or a wi-fi network.

V200 – Supports Local Video Recording

Perfect for a port, parking lot, farm, vacation home, or construction site. The built-in solar panel on the VOSKER V200 IP65 certified weatherproof security camera extends battery life. By detecting people or vehicles in the monitored area,

The VOSKER app enables you to obtain the photos you require. This security camera is ideal for any outside environment. It works in a temperature range of -40°C to +40° C.

V300 – Full Featured Live View Camera

The V300 has live streaming feature. Vosker’s V300 Camera is the solar powered 4G-LTE cellular outdoor security camera. You can use it almost anywhere there is cellular coverage because it only functions on 4G-LTE cellular connectivity.

The V300 has high-power infrared LED lights for night vision, a fully adjustable mounting arm, VOSKER SENSE AI image recognition, a live view mode, automatic video recording on detection, a GPS tracker, and a 16 GB microSD card for local backups.

2. Choose Where To Install Your Security Cameras:

Choose Where To Install Your Security Cameras

If security is your top concern, install cameras by the entrances to your property.

  • If you only want to install one camera, it’s ideal to use it afar from buildings.

Place cameras over the garage or driveway to keep an eye on your vehicle.

  • If you store your car there or don’t, if you keep a lot of stuff in your garage, you should install a camera there.

Install cameras in areas where you want to keep an eye.

  • Prioritize gate entrance, detached workshop, boat dock, parking lot, warehouse, etc.

3. Install the Cellular Security Cameras:

Wireless cameras are simpler to install than wired systems since they require a SIM card to operate, and Vosker provides the SIM card.

The majority of devices can be installed without the need for additional equipment and accessories by being mounted to the walls instead of needing to be hardwired into the building.

Users may install their surveillance equipment by following these instructions, and they can be sure that it will work properly:

  1. Firstly, verify signal strength at the preferred locations.
  2. Select the location and angle where the cameras will be installed.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight hitting the sensor or moving objects like trees that can trigger false motion detection
  4. Drill holes into the wall using a bit that is slightly smaller than the screws for the bracket.
  5. Place the screw after holding the mounting bracket against the wall, so the screw holes line up with the wall’s hole.
  6. Connect the camera to the mount.

4. Download The Camera App:

Download Vosker App

Install the camera app on your phone. Some camera manufacturers employ various apps for the various cameras they offer.

Once you have the app, you must pair the camera to the app so that the two can communicate.

Reopen the app and begin experimenting with the surveillance system’s features. Several typical choices require customization:

  • Sensitivity to movement
  • Infrared Light
  • Zones of detection
  • Push notifications

5. Security System Videos Storage:

Connecting your cameras to a storage option is the final step once they are installed.

While some wireless cameras store video locally on SD cards, the majority connect to cloud storage services to save your security camera videos online.

Additionally, this enables remote viewing from your smartphone using the system app.

Just Like VOSKER APP Provides,

  • From the app, you can set up your camera and view day and night photos.
  • You can get alerts on your phone whenever an activity is discovered.
  • A collection of tools called VOSKER SENSE enables advanced monitoring.
  • Anytime you need assistance, their team is available.

Features Of VOSKER App:

  • AI Senser
  • Multi-Camera Access
  • Full Camera Control
  • Time Lapse Mode (Only in Compatible Models)
  • HD Photo Download
  • Live Streaming (Only in Compatible Models)

Final Words

Choose the areas of your property you want to secure or monitor. Now you know how to install a cellular security camera. So, You can choose which Vosker cellular security camera functions best suit your needs.

We suggest you choose Vosker Cellular Security Cameras as they don’t require access to power or wi-fi.



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