The purpose of the red BUSY LED is to inform you that the camera is working and performing an action. For V200, the red BUSY light will turn ON when it is connected to a 12V power source as it is charging the internal battery. 

The busy light will also turn ON when the camera is: 

  1. powering ON. 
  2. taking a photo.  
  3. recording a video. 
  4. transmitting photos. The busy light may stay on for several minutes while transmitting. 
  5. performing a firmware update. The busy light will blink slowly at the beginning, then it will blink faster at the end of the firmware update. When the update is complete, the BUSY light will turn OFF and the camera will take a restart. 
  6.  in «Detection Test» mode: Each time the camera detects a movement, the BUSY will turn ON for a second and then turn OFF. 

Note: If the red BUSY light stays on all the time and your camera seems to be frozen, it may be in an error state. To correct this problem, leave the camera ON without any external battery or power source of any kind. Make sure the solar panel is covered, or the camera is laid facing down so that the solar panel is not receiving any light. After about 24 to 48 hours the BUSY light should be OFF, and the camera should work again without any problems. 

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