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Established in 1977 in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Westbow Construction has built homes across North America, gaining a wealth of experience and a great name in the construction industry. We are proud to develop a variety of homes from Chilliwack, BC, Canada to Saskatoon, SK. And we pride ourselves on creating communities with homes in every price point. Since founded in 1977 we are now joined by the second generation of the Westeringh family, and we are more committed than ever to creating a legacy of quality.


Cedarbrook is our newest home development located in Chilliwack featuring over 10 acres of dedicated park space, 4 kilometers of interlocking trails, a bustling village, and a business center. Cedarbrook features a home for every family. Single Family Lane Homes feature carriage homes with separate suites and optional suited basements, new Row Homes, Duplexes, and Condos are a few of the options coming to the community. With an estimated 1200+ homes to be built over the span of 10 years and 39+ available for sale in Phase 1, keeping our products and materials safe is a must. With the rising levels of theft in our Chilliwack construction sites deciding to secure the site was extremely important. Choosing the VOSKER camera was perfect for our situation as we didn’t have Wi-Fi or power in the beginning stages of our project. The camera was extremely durable, came with fast LTE connection, portability, and a strong battery life.

By choosing VOSKER to keep an eye on our project we were able to: easily operate time-lapse mode from the VOSKER app on our phones (which became great marketing material, stay tuned for our social media posts!), see the progress of our project, receive pictures right to our phones and most importantly protect our equipment. With 24/7 day AND night photos keeping an eye on our development was efficient and so easy. Their team of professionals were always readily available when we had questions and provided us with an efficient product that perfectly suited our needs. We would recommend VOSKER to any development or builder looking to protect their goods!



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