The viewing screen of the camera could identify potential issues with the following error messages on its screen: 

  • Insert Memory Card – this could indicate an issue with the SD card itself or its slot, or that it is not inserted properly. 
  • Error: No Signal – When there is no signal, relocating the device will help the camera to connect to a different cell tower. You could try to power your device OFF and back ON and recheck the signal strength. However, an External Long Range Cellular Antenna (#V-ANT01) could be purchased from our website to improve the signal strength. 
  • Error: No SIM Card – this indicates an issue with the SIM card/SIM slot of the camera located under the battery compartment. 
  • Error: Modem – It means the camera is not able to communicate with the cellular modem board properly. At this message, reseating the SIM card could resolve the issue, if not, the device would need to be repaired/replaced.

You may contact VOSKER support team for further assistance. 

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